Welcome to Ergoerotics

Our first video for hips and knees is now available!

Welcome to Ergoerotics


Definition.  Ergœrotics® [ur-guh-rot-iks] ˌər-gə-ˈrä-tiks applies the science of ergonomics to erotic activity.  Ergœrotics® encourages adaptations of the erotic environment and activity to support a pleasurable experience that is also comfortable.

Services.  We offer innovative products, education, events and a community forum to support healthy, comfortable and pleasurable sexual activity.

About Us.  Ergœrotics® was founded by sexologist Heather Howard to help you find ergonomic adjustments and sexual solutions related to physical challenges and limitations. 

About You.  If you have ever had a temporary injury, a chronic health or pain condition, a disability, or your body is simply changing with age, you might benefit from some new adjustment strategies for comfortable pleasure.  

PLEASE NOTE:  This content is intended for mature audiences, so you should be at least eighteen (18) years of age (or the minimum age of majority in the community in which you live) or be accompanied by an adult to enter.  If you are not old enough, please visit Scarleteen.com for sexuality education for teens.