Handy Harness


Hold toys effortlessly in the palm of your hand.


For those who want to get a grip on their sex toys, we have the perfect solution: the new Hand-y Harness. Made from comfortable and easy-to care for neoprene, this gloved harness does exactly what you’d want it to: comfortably fit an o-shaped opening to your hand.

It’s impressive how much thought went into this product. Wonder how the Hand-y Harness would handle a variety of dildo widths? No problem, included in the kit is 3 Ringo grips, made specifically to prevent attachments with small or flimsy bases from pulling through the built-in o-ring. Wish it vibrated? It does — it has not just one but two pockets built in on either side of the o-ring holster — they’ve even included the bullet vibes in the kit! That sounds like a lot of parts to keep up with? No worries, each harness comes with a compartmentalized zipper pouch to store it all.

Handy Harness is an excellent option for customers with arthritis, carpal tunnel or any other muscular issues that might make holding a toy for extended periods of time difficult.

  • Made from Nylon and neoprene glove and case
  • Includes 2 waterproof, battery-operated mini-bullet vibrators
  • XS/S fits palm size 2.5” – 3.25”
  • M/L fits palm size 3.25”- 4.0”

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