Wedge/Ramp Cushion Combination


Customize your playground with this set of supportive Wedge and Ramp cushions.


Teaming up these two expertly-crafted cushions will revolutionize your love life and allow you to experience a variety of new positions while inspiring you to find your own. The ergonomic design and flexible versatility will give you greater stamina for longer, more comfortable, and more satisfying sessions. The microfiber cover ensures that the cushions will cling together firmly, allowing you the freedom to experiment without worrying about the cushions slipping off the bed.

The Wed/Ramp Combination sets a stage for your lovemaking, providing lift for access and deeper connection, as well as support from soft or memory foam beds. Crafted to enhance missionary and from-behind positions, it is also ideal for oral stimulation.  The ergonomic angles put you and your partner’s bodies in comfortable and stable positions to lose yourself in passion and sensation without having to worry about putting pressure on your knees, wrists, or back. Move the Wedge along the top of the Ramp to find the ultimate support you need anywhere on your body. The Wedge and Ramp can also be used separately to offer even more variety and unlimited opportunities for creativity.

This is the ultimate in pleasure and comfort. One try and you will never go back to flat sex again.    Angled intimate positioning pillows allow for limitless positions, and are designed to work together or apart for even more variety.

  • 27-degree angled pedestal perfect for penetrative sex.
  • Provides back support & reduces inner thigh fatigue and pelvic floor muscle tension.
  • Better access and lift allows for prolonged oral sex without sore necks.
  • Freshens old positions with new sensations.
  • High-density foam supports the body and prevents sinking into a bed even on soft memory-foam mattresses.
  • Soft microfiber cover feels lush against bare skin.
  • Removable cover is machine-washable.
  • Moisture-resistant liner.
  • Arrives vacuum compressed in eco-compressed packaging that removes 90% of the air from cushions without compromising the integrity of the product.
  • Set up product by (1) unzipping vacuum compression bag (2) quickly peeling back bag to remove product, (3) removing plastic bag, and (4) zipping product cover closed and enjoy!


  • Adjust the height and angle of the Cushions by flipping them over.
  • There are 2 WEDGE SIZES to fit any body type and pair with our Ramps:
        • REGULAR WIDTH: Height (7″) / Length (14″) / Regular Width (24″)
        • WIDE (PLUS-SIZE) WIDTH: Height (7″) / Length (14″) / Wide Width (30″)
  • There are 4 RAMP SIZES to fit any body type:
        • REGULAR: Regular height (12″) / Regular length (34″) / Regular width (24″)
        • SHORT: Short height (10″) / Short length (32″) / Regular width (24″)
        • TALL: Tall height (14″) / Tall length (36″) / Regular width (24″)
        • WIDE: Regular height (12″) / Regular length (34″) / Wide (plus-size) width (30″)

Most couples choose the Regular 24″ width. Insertive partners with shorter legs or inseams (distance from heel to groin) below 30″ prefer the Short size Ramp, and with longer legs or inseams above 34″ prefer the Tall size Ramp. If you are unsure what size to get, it is best to err on the side of short.

Our Plus-size 30″ wide Ramp offers a few more inches in width and extra support for your lovemaking. However, our 30″ products are not ideal for straddling. So if you plan to mostly straddle, consider the 24″ Ramp.

Our Plus-size 30″ wide Wedge offers a few more inches in width and extra support for your lovemaking. Recommended for lovers over 300 lbs.

Shop for the Wedge or the Ramp sold separately.

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Weight 1.25 lbs

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