Strategies for Comfortable Pleasure



Learn how to expand your sexual routine, even with hip, knee, back, and pelvic pain! 
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Health problems can limit people's sexual options because of pain or movement restrictions.  This series of educational videos introduce a variety of options to expand a couple’s sexual routine and satisfaction, especially with health problems.  It is based on the Ergœrotics® program, a systematic approach to comfortable pleasure which fits the activity and environment to the needs of the unique individuals in the couple.

It is a valuable resource for couples, health education courses, and physical rehabilitation clinics, especially before and after joint replacement surgery.

About the creator: Heather Howard, PhD, MPH, is a sexuality counselor, educator, lecturer and researcher.  Dr. Howard developed the Ergœrotics® program to help people find comfortable pleasure at any age and with any physical health challenge.  She consults with patients in person and by video chat, in order to help them meet their sexual goals.

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Volume 1: Hip & Knee Problems, Volume 2: Back Problems, Volume 3: Female Pelvic Pain, Package: Volumes 1&2 (Hip/Knee & Back Problems), Package: Volumes 1&3 (Hip/Knee & Pelvic Pain), Package: Volumes 2&3 (Back and Pelvic Pain), Package: Volumes 1,2,3 (Hip/Knee, Back, Pelvic Pain)