Antibacterial Antiviral Cleaning Spray


Keep this cleaner in your travel bag and by your bed to guard against infection.


A must-have bedside and travel companion, especially for people susceptible to infections. For gentle, hygienic cleaning, this antibacterial, antiviral formula guards against infection and has an intensive antimicrobial effect against bacteria, fungal infections, and viruses such as Hepatitis B and HIV. Perfume free and alcohol free, it is suited for use on sensitive or irritated skin, and safe for application on alcohol-sensitive materials such as latex, rubber and silicone. Spray directly on toys, body, intimate areas, and hands. Air-dry or use a clean cloth or tissue. Because no water rinsing required, it can be used for intimate adventures in the back seat of your car or far from running water. Its gentle antiviral and antimicrobial properties also make this an ideal cleaner for shared surfaces such as computer keyboards and airplane armrests, seat belt buckles and tray tables, especially to protect those who are immuno-suppressed.