Vulva Puppet



We are so thrilled to offer the original Wondrous Vulva Puppet. This anatomically correct handmade puppet embraces the beauty and power of the vulva. A gorgeous celebration of feminine essence, each puppet has been created from lush velvets and silky satins to create a soft, receptive and visually delightful tool.

Used all over the world by educators, lovers, artists and healers to support gentle, non-threatening and humorous education of all aspects of feminine sexuality, they invite the conversation of sex, empowering women of all ages to embrace their special, inner beauty, resulting in a better understanding of their vulvas and themselves.

Insert your hand inside the back of the puppet to move the inner and outer labia. Show clients how to locate her textured g-spot inside the vagina.  Point out the clitoris, clitoral hood and urethra. Use the puppet to demonstrate to clients and patients where and how to apply treatment creams and dilators, as well as where and how to stimulate and vibrate. Use it in workshops on the g-spot, oral sex, menopause, and other relevant topics. Use it to celebrate rites of passage, menstruation, birth, love, sex, menopause, etc. Appeals to any woman embracing her own sexuality – even makes adorable boudoir decor!

Materials: velvet, satin, poly fil fiber

IMPORTANT NOTE: This item is handmade to order in the USA.  Shipping times are usually within 1 week, but we recommend that you contact us to find out how long your order will take.

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